Cape York Trip – Day 17


We woke up, very early, as the wind was still blowing hard.20110713_Cape York_(3 of 101)_thumb[5] Everyone wanted to leave as soon as possible! We drove back to the main road, and had morning tea at Bramwell Station Roadhouse, then we continued on and headed off down the "Frenchman's Track". 20110713_Cape York_(23 of 98)_thumb[5]This was very rough, and along the way, Dad noticed that our wheel carrier, on the back of the car, had broken! This needed to be welded to fix, so Dad just tied it up, and we continued on. There were some very steep sections and a bit slippery, but we made it through to our bush campsite, on the banks of the Pasco River. I went fishing and I caught my first fish, on the trip, which was a red eyed barramundi oh yeah !!! 20110713_Cape York_(58 of 98)_thumb[2]

Dad, and Jim, connected two car batteries together, and re-welded the latch on the spare wheel carrier. 20110713_Cape York_(87 of 98)_thumb[6]

We had a nice campfire, and Pam cooked a damper on it. It was Yummy.

The river, wasn't too deep at the crossing so we washed most of the cars... They didn't stay clean for long

20110713_Cape York_(96 of 98)_thumb[5]






Peter had got his parts, and fixed his car. He turned up later at night. He had a little trouble finding us, but we could hear him on the UHF radios, so we guided him to the camp


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