Cape York Trip – Day 20


We drove up a goat track!, 20110716_Cape York_(54 of 109)This track, we were on, looked like it hadn't been used in years, thru sandy creek crossings - Wayne got stuck here but everyone else went thru ok.we went a different way. There was a long muddy track which was deep and had a very bad smell, Shirley got stuck here & Jim had to go back in to help pull her out, we were still waiting to go..we made it . In between this boggy area was some green patches with large trees along billabongs which were very pretty.

We camped at Saltwater Creek in Lakefield National Park along a sandy creek bed.




20110716_Cape York_(106 of 109)




I did some fishing and caught a Barramundi yahoo!, even my big brother Chris hasn't caught one of these !,but it was too small to keep, only about 40cm, so I had to let him go.I caught 4 fish in total.



20110716_Cape York_(102 of 109)







There were thousands of crickets and Rocket frogs at the camp site.


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