Cape York Trip – Day 19


We packed up our gear wet as it was still raining - yuck I don't like this.20110715_Cape York_(116 of 161)

We drove to Archer River for morning tea, I did a bit of fishing but luck. 20110715_Cape York_(127 of 161)Some of the others did some work on their cars.

We drove up the hill to the roadhouse & had a famous Archer River hamburger for lunch, I don't really think there is anything special about them, but after camp cooking for a few days, they taste great. While we were eating a man left the gate open & two cheeky cows came in to eat the green grass, it was funny to watch everyone trying to chase them out.

20110715_Cape York_(124 of 161)We were stopped at a fruit quarantine station where a man checked our fruit & vegetable we had in the car - everything was ok.

We made it to a town called Coen for the night & set up our tents.It is still nice and warm here & the sun doesn't set until around 6 - 6.30 so I went with Wayne to a local waterhole for a swim - no croc's!.20110715_Cape York_(161 of 161)







20110715_Cape York_(150 of 161)When we got back everyone went to the local cafe for tea then made our way over to the well known Exchange Hotel for a friendly drink and chat with the local people


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