Cape York Trip – Day 16


Today we left Seisia,  it was really good here, I liked the names on the toilets. Man-Goes, and No Man-Goes  Winking smile

20110712_Cape York_(35 of 122)We drove to Usher Point where we drove along the beach, below the high tide mark. We found lots of interesting things washed up on the beach, we stopped a few times to look at them, we saw boat buoys, thousands of thongs, a wheel barrow, a kayak - dad was upset as we couldn't fit it on the roof, even a pair of ripped jeans, It just goes to show that was goes down the drain washes up somewhere.20110712_Cape York_(20 of 122)

We found some caves that were created by the storms & had hundreds of bats living in them.20110712_Cape York_(29 of 122)

20110712_Cape York_(87 of 120)





Two of our trip mates got stuck in a sandy creek area & we had to help get them out we had to rush as the tide was coming in quickly, some of the places we had to drive over were sharp rock areas which had oysters growing on them.


20110712_Cape York_(112 of 120)

We made it to Captain Billy's Landing.20110712_Cape York_(111 of 120)






It was very windy. We set up our campsite behind the sand dunes to get a bit of protection, it didn't help much, Mum didn't sleep at all.


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