Cape York Trip – Day 14


Today we left to make make our way to the Most Northern tip of Australia.

We stopped at  the Croc Shop which sells lots of souvenirs. 20110710_Cape York_(3 of 161)

We stopped at the Punsand Bay resort to look at the beach area.

We parked the cars and climbed up a rocky hill to make our way to the actual spot. The waters were really blue. I t was overcast & windy.20110710_Cape York_(54 of 161)

We had photo's taken and walked back to the car park on the beach and had lunch.

20110710_Cape York_(69 of 161)

20110710_Cape York_(151 of 161)

We then went for a drive along some of the beaches, one of them had lots of interesting things washed up on to it.

We then drove to some of the inland lakes for a look before coming back to camp.

At night a big barge came in which was loaded with supplies for the town & also cars & caravans of people who didn't want to drive this far.20110710_Cape York_(43 of 161)



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