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Cape York Trip – Day 20


We drove up a goat track!, 20110716_Cape York_(54 of 109)This track, we were on, looked like it hadn't been used in years, thru sandy creek crossings - Wayne got stuck here but everyone else went thru ok.we went a different way. There was a long muddy track which was deep and had a very bad smell, Shirley got stuck here & Jim had to go back in to help pull her out, we were still waiting to go..we made it . In between this boggy area was some green patches with large trees along billabongs which were very pretty.

We camped at Saltwater Creek in Lakefield National Park along a sandy creek bed.




20110716_Cape York_(106 of 109)




I did some fishing and caught a Barramundi yahoo!, even my big brother Chris hasn't caught one of these !,but it was too small to keep, only about 40cm, so I had to let him go.I caught 4 fish in total.



20110716_Cape York_(102 of 109)







There were thousands of crickets and Rocket frogs at the camp site.

Cape York Trip – Day 19


We packed up our gear wet as it was still raining - yuck I don't like this.20110715_Cape York_(116 of 161)

We drove to Archer River for morning tea, I did a bit of fishing but luck. 20110715_Cape York_(127 of 161)Some of the others did some work on their cars.

We drove up the hill to the roadhouse & had a famous Archer River hamburger for lunch, I don't really think there is anything special about them, but after camp cooking for a few days, they taste great. While we were eating a man left the gate open & two cheeky cows came in to eat the green grass, it was funny to watch everyone trying to chase them out.

20110715_Cape York_(124 of 161)We were stopped at a fruit quarantine station where a man checked our fruit & vegetable we had in the car - everything was ok.

We made it to a town called Coen for the night & set up our tents.It is still nice and warm here & the sun doesn't set until around 6 - 6.30 so I went with Wayne to a local waterhole for a swim - no croc's!.20110715_Cape York_(161 of 161)







20110715_Cape York_(150 of 161)When we got back everyone went to the local cafe for tea then made our way over to the well known Exchange Hotel for a friendly drink and chat with the local people

Cape York Trip – Day 18


I got up early to go fishing, no luck.20110714_Cape York_(5 of 161)

We drove thru the Pasco river, George & Phil had to be snatched out.

We stopped at a place called Portlands Road for lunch, there was a small cafe & they had a big Green Tree Frog living there.20110714_Cape York_(106 of 161)

We made our way along the dirt roads to Chilli Beach, this was really windy & smelly, we didn't stay long even though we were supposed to camp there.20110714_Cape York_(45 of 161)

We continued further along the road crossing the Pasco River again at a different point, we didn't like the campsite so we went further along down to the Wenlock river.




20110714_Cape York_(11 of 161)We couldn't find enough space for all of us so, Wayne. Peter & us camped along the shallow creek & the others along a small billabong. We had a nice camp fire until it started to rain.

Cape York Trip – Day 17


We woke up, very early, as the wind was still blowing hard.20110713_Cape York_(3 of 101)_thumb[5] Everyone wanted to leave as soon as possible! We drove back to the main road, and had morning tea at Bramwell Station Roadhouse, then we continued on and headed off down the "Frenchman's Track". 20110713_Cape York_(23 of 98)_thumb[5]This was very rough, and along the way, Dad noticed that our wheel carrier, on the back of the car, had broken! This needed to be welded to fix, so Dad just tied it up, and we continued on. There were some very steep sections and a bit slippery, but we made it through to our bush campsite, on the banks of the Pasco River. I went fishing and I caught my first fish, on the trip, which was a red eyed barramundi oh yeah !!! 20110713_Cape York_(58 of 98)_thumb[2]

Dad, and Jim, connected two car batteries together, and re-welded the latch on the spare wheel carrier. 20110713_Cape York_(87 of 98)_thumb[6]

We had a nice campfire, and Pam cooked a damper on it. It was Yummy.

The river, wasn't too deep at the crossing so we washed most of the cars... They didn't stay clean for long

20110713_Cape York_(96 of 98)_thumb[5]






Peter had got his parts, and fixed his car. He turned up later at night. He had a little trouble finding us, but we could hear him on the UHF radios, so we guided him to the camp

Cape York Trip – Day 16


Today we left Seisia,  it was really good here, I liked the names on the toilets. Man-Goes, and No Man-Goes  Winking smile

20110712_Cape York_(35 of 122)We drove to Usher Point where we drove along the beach, below the high tide mark. We found lots of interesting things washed up on the beach, we stopped a few times to look at them, we saw boat buoys, thousands of thongs, a wheel barrow, a kayak - dad was upset as we couldn't fit it on the roof, even a pair of ripped jeans, It just goes to show that was goes down the drain washes up somewhere.20110712_Cape York_(20 of 122)

We found some caves that were created by the storms & had hundreds of bats living in them.20110712_Cape York_(29 of 122)

20110712_Cape York_(87 of 120)





Two of our trip mates got stuck in a sandy creek area & we had to help get them out we had to rush as the tide was coming in quickly, some of the places we had to drive over were sharp rock areas which had oysters growing on them.


20110712_Cape York_(112 of 120)

We made it to Captain Billy's Landing.20110712_Cape York_(111 of 120)






It was very windy. We set up our campsite behind the sand dunes to get a bit of protection, it didn't help much, Mum didn't sleep at all.

Cape York Trip – Day 15


Today was a rest day where everyone could do their own thing.

20110711_Cape York_(35 of 45)








We visited a few of the WW2 plane wreck crash sites which are through out the bush . We saw an old DC-3 , old fuel dumps & the remains of the Beaufort Bomber.20110711_Cape York_(31 of 45)








We bought lunch and went to a place called Loyalty beach to eat before heading back to camp to relax and get things ready for tomorrow.

Cape York Trip – Day 14


Today we left to make make our way to the Most Northern tip of Australia.

We stopped at  the Croc Shop which sells lots of souvenirs. 20110710_Cape York_(3 of 161)

We stopped at the Punsand Bay resort to look at the beach area.

We parked the cars and climbed up a rocky hill to make our way to the actual spot. The waters were really blue. I t was overcast & windy.20110710_Cape York_(54 of 161)

We had photo's taken and walked back to the car park on the beach and had lunch.

20110710_Cape York_(69 of 161)

20110710_Cape York_(151 of 161)

We then went for a drive along some of the beaches, one of them had lots of interesting things washed up on to it.

We then drove to some of the inland lakes for a look before coming back to camp.

At night a big barge came in which was loaded with supplies for the town & also cars & caravans of people who didn't want to drive this far.20110710_Cape York_(43 of 161)


Cape York Trip – Day 13


We went over Cyprus Creek and did a log crossing.20110709_Cape York_(78 of 198)

We Crossed two deep creeks, Logan & Nolan, where we had to have a tarp over the front the car to help stop water getting in to the engine.20110709_Cape York_(117 of 198) The water was very deep & I could touch it out the window.

We crossed the Jardine river by another ferry and drove to Seisia where we are camping for three nights.20110709_Cape York_(187 of 198)

20110709_Cape York_(198 of 198)

There are bush Turkeys running around the tents.

We had owls  come and visit us above our tent.

Cape York Trip – Day 12


Today was a rest day at the falls.20110708_Cape York_(89 of 213) In the morning we  travelled up the track at bit to see Fruit Bat Falls, this was much wider than the others, but not as nice.

20110708_Cape York_(62 of 213)









20110708_Cape York_(201 of 213)20110708_Cape York_(107 of 213)20110708_Cape York_(208 of 213)


We played in the waterfall all afternoon.

Cape York Trip – Day 11


We crossed the Dulhunty River, Bertie Creek &  Cholmondeley Creek before we reached the infamous Gunshot Creek, all the men had to dig the road to get it safe before we could try to go down.20110707_Cape York_(39 of 169) Mum took photos & I sat in the front, we went over the edge of the track & came to a stop -same as the others- in a huge mud hole, we had to be snatched out, this was cool.

20110707_Cape York_(114 of 169)Next was the Cockatoo crossing were everyone had to walk the crossing to check the height of the water & test the bottom of the ground - no worries.20110707_Cape York_(116 of 169)20110707_Cape York_(141 of 169)

We made it to Twin falls & Elliot falls and set up our camp.


20110707_Cape York_(168 of 169)

When we were finished we walked down the track & came to a huge water pond called the Saucepan, we went further and came to Elliot falls where we jumped off the edge of the waterfall into the below pools, this was scary the first time because it is high, but after that I didn't have a problem and jumped all afternoon. We floated down stream and got out at Twin falls where the water was much warmer.

Cape York Trip – Day 10


We left Weipa and were on the rough roads again they are very bumpy and lots of red dust. We did a muddy water crossing and Phil & Cory had a problem, with their car, as a lot of mud was thrown up and now all his dash and engine lights were on! We spent a bit of time trying to fix it but it didn't work.

We saw a wedge tail eagle soaring around above the tree tops.20110706_Cape York_(57 of 178)

We crossed the Wenlock River which has now got a bridge over it.


We passed the Bramwell station, which is the start of the Old Overland Telegraph track, to get to the Palm creek crossing, this was really steep and the first two cars had problems getting thru, we went ok.

20110706_Cape York_(113 of 178)



We crossed the Ducie river and this was also steep.




20110706_Cape York_(141 of 178)



Along this track, we saw the largest termite mounds we have seen so far!

We camped at the Dulhunty river where we all had a wash & swim in the waterfall and pools.

20110706_Cape York_(159 of 178).

Cape York Trip – Day 9


We had a mine tour at 8.30. We went to the  Andoon mine, we saw belly dumpers and tippers digging up the bauxite which is what they make aluminium out of, it looks like small red pebbles.20110705_Cape York_(60 of 103)20110705_Cape York_(66 of 103)

We crossed the largest single lane bridge in the southern hemisphere to get there.

20110705_Cape York_(8 of 13)

We bought some lunch and went out to a place called Red Beach, where we saw lots of large crocodiles on the sand bank. One of them caught a bird and ate it.

20110705_Cape York_(81 of 103)

After watching them for a while I got my fishing rod out to see if I could catch anything..nope, but we did see a baby croc only 10m away from us.

We saw a Blue 20110705_Cape York_(77 of 103)Winged Kookaburra at our campsite.



20110705_Cape York_(94 of 103)

We went out to tea at the Albatross resort with all the others on our trip, it was nice.

Cape York Trip–Day 8


We had cane toads at the tent..

We are still in Weipa, as It is a rest day so we didn't get up too early.

We had a look around town, it wasn't very big.

went in the pool for another swim & had an ice cream

We stoped and had a look at the conveyor loading the Bauxite onto the ships.20110704_Cape York_(58 of 103)

Cape York Trip day 7


Early morning start in the rain again !

We crossed the Great Dividing range 270m elevation.

A kookaburra nearly flew into the car.20110703_Cape York_(2 of 103)

We stoped at Archer River Roadhouse for morning tea, then we went down to the river for a swim & some of the others tried to catch the big yabbies which were under the bridge. Jim & Pam showed me were to get in and we floated down under the bridge to where mum was waiting, it was nice and fresh and cleaned all the dust off.

20110703_Cape York_(21 of 103)       20110703_Cape York_(13 of 103)


We had 3 huge road trains pass us on the road, the dust stayed for a long time and you couldn't see anything.

20110703_Cape York_(30 of 103)

On the way into Weipa we had to stop at a set of light where the Haul trucks pass.

We set up camp on the Mission river, there were mud flats when low tide, you could go and walk along the edge but had to watch for croc's. I found a big hermit crab. We had a swim in the pool.

20110703_Cape York_(46 of 103)After tea we went down to the edge of the water with flash lights to see if we could find any red eyes of the crocs.I saw 2


Cape York Trip–Day 6


We left early in the morning, the roads were still very dusty and rough.

20110702_Cape York_(85 of 119)We saw 2 Brolgas on the side of the road.

We stoped at a place called Kalpowar Crossing for morning tea, this is where we should have camped last night. we crossed the Normanby river,  There are croc's in this river !

We drove into Lakefield National Park, it is very dusty and the termite mounds are getting bigger. We stopped at Low Lake water where we saw a croc slide. We also saw 3 dead snakes on the road & we agreed that they were Black Whip snakes - thanks to my book20110702_Cape York_(64 of 119)



The car is really dusty and is now a pinkish red colour.

We saw a flock of  Golden Shouldered Parrotts

20110702_Cape York_(94 of 119)

We stayed at  Musgrave - they have an airfield in front of the Pub.

Cape York Trip–Day 5


I got up early as it wasn't raining & went fishing but didn't catch anything.20110701_Cape York_(3 of 119) We packed up and were headed for Hells Gate which we were told only horses could get thru.20110701_Cape York_(3 of 132) The roads here were very rocky and there was lots of red dust, the trees on the sides of the road were also covered in dust.

We had to stop & build up the road so we could try to get thru, I picked up lots of rocks. We had lunch before we tried to get up the giant rock step. Mum took photos while I sat up in the front seat, it was awesome ! of course we made it no problems, but had to pull another car up20110701_Cape York_(15 of 132)

There are huge termite mounds all over the place.

It took us a long time to get thru the roads so we stoped at the Quinkin Pub at Laura for the night, it was getting dark. It was very busy with other people and we all camped close to each other.

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