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Cape York Trip– Day 4


We packed up the tent in the rain, everything was wet.Yuck

We travelled to The Palmer River Roadhouse 20110630_Cape York_(37 of 104)where we had morning tea before making our way to Maytown. We drove thru the Palmer river. Maytown is a old gold town which has been abandoned. We walked down the main street, the stone gutters are still there which is the only thing still standing  because they have have a few fires since every one left. It is an Australian Ghost town.20110630_Cape York_(76 of 95) We then went to 2 old gold mined where we saw some old machinery like boilers and crushing machines. We also climbed up the piles of tailings ( scrap dirt & rocks) and looked into the dug out mine shafts





20110630_Cape York_(82 of 104).

We then went driving to find a campsite before it got too dark, we camped on the side of a rocky river.

Cape York Trip–Day 3


Today was a rest day.

20110629_Cape York (26 of 204)I went on a Crocodile Safari with my new friends, we sat in a small boat while the driver showed us some crocodiles in the river. We got really close to a baby one, but then Kayla moved and scared the croc, he jumped at us and made a splash. We also saw some really big ones around 4m long, they had really big teeth and looked hungry.

We came back around 3pm & went fishing off Anna Bay River Bridge, we didn't catch anything besides a stick.

We went to tea at the Bowling Club because it was still raining very hard.20110630_Cape York_(1 of 10)

Cape York Trip – Day 2


20110627_Cape York_(48 of 104)Today we drove from The Lions Den hotel & were making our way to Cooktown. This was only a short trip. We stoped at Back Mountain which looks like someone has put big black heavy boulders on top of each other to make a mountain. The mountains are black granite, the colour comes from a algae on the surface & is about 470m in height. Mum & I looked thru the binoculars to find special lizards only found in this area, we saw some sunning themselves.20110628_Cape York_(20 of 31)

We set up our campsite then had a look around town. We first went to the James Cook museum, where we saw Captain Cook's giant anchor, which was thrown overboard on my birthday June 10th in 1770 to lose some weight when they hit the 20110628_Cape York_(65 of 104)Great barrier reef so they could come into land to repair the ship, there was also lots of really old stuff, like bottles and spears, shells & money. The roof had fans which were like the sails of a ship. There was a safe which had a riddle to open it, it took me a while but I cracked it & got a prize, I also got to write my name on the sheet which is locked inside the safe.

20110628_Cape York_(89 of 104)

We then drove down to the area where we saw a statue of Captain Cook, also a cannon & the very spot he landed back in 1770




Cape York Trip– Day 1


We all left Cairns and travelled up to the Mosman ferry, 20110627_Cape York_(10 of 104)the roads were very curvy.  We had to wait for the 2nd trip on the ferry as all the cars didn't fit on the first one. While we waited we took photos, We  had entered Cassowary & crocodile country. While we were parked waiting to go on, a truck hit the side of our car, smashing & breaking our mirror ! Dad talked to the driver & arranged with him to get it fixed.

We continued on our way to Cape Tribulation, there was some steep sections of road & a few creek crossings. The trees were thick, tall & green with lots of smaller trees growing around them, there was also lots of leaves on the ground.

.20110627_Cape York_(1 of 31)

We stopped at a information centre & had lunch & I met my new friend's Kayla & Daniel who are also on our trip. We then went on a small walk thru the forest, past a lot of mangroves out to the beach, the mangroves were very smelly.20110627_Cape York_(12 of 31)

Back in the car and up to the Bloomfield river, where there is a cement road which is under water, we drove across it.

We stoped at the Lions Den Hotel and camped over night. It Poured down heavy rain all  night. 

Up to Cairns - Day 6


day 6 we had pancakes for breakfast then we left the caravan park and we were back on the road and drove to the shops to get supplies ( lollies,dinner and bread ) then we drove until we found a nice little picnic park at Bowen and had lunch yum !  20110624_Cape York_(5 of 23)then I saw a little Eagle that glided away then mum and I went and took some photos of the Whitsunday Island. 20110624_Cape York_(31 of 55)

Then Mum insisted that we go across  the rode and get our photo taken with the one and only giant mango. 20110624_Cape York_(21 of 23)
Then i realized that  the giant  mango had a Australian flag tattoo on it please comment why you think there was a   Australian flag tattoo on it. then we drove again into we were at the caravan park and got a cabin for the night the place was called Woodlands big 4 caravan park in Townsville the home of the NRL team the cowboys. The caravan park had one of those giant bouncing pillows i did not get to go on it because it was deflating Sad smile. We had stroganoff Smile for dinner in our cabin.

20110624_Cape York_(7 of 23)

Up to Cairns - Day 5


We left Bundaberg and went to Rockhampton cattle country we Saw heaps of bulls and there was sugar cane as far as the eye can see it was a bumpy road, 20110624_Cape York_(10 of 55)20110624_Cape York_(9 of 55)

we stopped at a park and me and dad kicked the ball back and forward then we got back on the rode we stopped at another free camping area in a town called St Laurence ,20110624_Cape York_(5 of 55)

It was freezing cold, during the night, and Mum just couldn't get warm..20110624_Cape York_(6 of 55)

Up to Cairns - Day 4


On Day 4 we left nannies and were back on the rode we drove and drove until we got to Bundaberg and then we stoped at a information centre and we got a brochure for the Bundaberg Rum factory so we went to see it,  20110622_Cape York_(1 of 23)  it was awesome I did not get to see Bundy the bear he was in hospital  we saw some movies with Bundy the bear in it then we went to the factory with the tour guy and saw how Bundaberg rum was made and bottled  then we went to the bar i had a crème soda and mum and dad had rum we hopped back in the car and went to a place in the big four caravan park and went to sizzlers fore tea.

Up to Cairns - Day 3


Dad got up early  to get work done on the car in Brisbane, pop was already at work. Then I got up and had breakfast when i finished Aunty Kelly came over with my new cousin Kale we sat talking then Aunty Kelly left at lunchtime and mum, nan and I went to a pub and had lunch mine even came with a  free cup. then we came back and dad was not back so we sat and talked again then pop got home and  about 18 minutes later dad got back so he joined into mums chat then we all stoped talking and cooked dinner it was chicken with honey and chilly.

Up to Cairns - Day 2


Day 2 was a rest stop at nan and pops in Caloundra.

In the morning  pop and i walked  to the shops and i got two lollies, pop got the newspaper and bread , we went back and mum and nan where siting and talking.

Up to Cairns - Day 1–On Our Way


We got up at 3:30 and left at 4:45 we where on aw way to my nannies woo-hoo! We had makkas for breakfast yum .   The first thing I saw was a power station spewing steam into the air it was different
:-02011 - Cape York - Day 1 - BH (3 of 12) then we  saw a giant
golden guitar  nice it was in Tamworth I don't know where the strings were. Then we got back on the rode broom broom   next I looked out my right window and I saw black, white and brown horses and then I looked out the left back window and there was a small  green dinosaur with white horns it was in  front of a pub we did not stop, about 15 minutes later we stoped for lunch we had makkas again then when we finished we hit the rode  we were about 2 hours away from nannies when we came across the20110619_Cape York - Day 1_(13 of 13)         one and only giant apple on the bottom there is a hole in it  as you can see i think the giant caterpillar lives there but mum thinks that they put lights in it at night please comment  if you believe that there is a giant caterpillar or lights in the comment box      

20110619_Cape York - Day 1_(12 of 13)

10 minuets later we stopped for dinner at KFC yum  then we arrived at Nannies in Caloundra, on the Sunshine Coast

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Only two weeks to go, until we leave




This photo was taken at Bendethera, in the Deua National Park, last October

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